The true self blossoms
When you seek the truth within, you begin to live a life that honors your deepest desires.

Your best life is achieved by listening to the wisest part of you—what you know to be true. But how can you discover the truth? To begin, challenge yourself to look more deeply at the choices you make. Examine the true motivation behind your actions. Is working all weekend necessary to forward your career, or are you simply trying to please your boss? Will an evening of shopping really make you happy, or are you just filling time? Writing in a journal can be a wonderful way to uncover how you really feel. For instance, you may discover that the anger you feel toward your spouse is hiding the sadness of knowing you're growing apart.

As you begin this process, be gentle with yourself. Facing the truth can be a bit unsettling at first. But since your world reflects the truth of your choices, know that when you act on your true feelings, you start to live a richer life. Begin now by telling yourself the truth every day.


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