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What You Wore

  • 57 percent of respondents paid $500 or less for their gown.
  • 19 percent thought the search was "a stress-inducing nightmare."
  • 98 percent said "No thanks" to their mother's gown (though 26 percent want to hand theirs down to their daughter. Good luck!)
  • Nine percent wore a colored dress.
  • 14 percent dieted to fit into a smaller size (35 percent say—hallelujah!—the gown still fits)
  • 70 percent say they'd pick the same dress if their wedding were tomorrow.
  • 66 percent have gowns that have been sitting in the attic, untouched, since their wedding day (a business-savvy 14 percent sold theirs)
  • 60 percent were excited when the dress came off—"It's honeymoon time!"

Source: Survey of 3,139 respondents in a poll conducted on