• 59 percent Get lustier when the temperature rises.
  • 63 percent Have better sex while on vacation.
  • 74 percent Think tans are a turn-on (yet 55 percent stay so far from the sun, they could be confused with Dracula).
  • 24 percent Say it's important to have a lifeguard at the pool—for eye candy.
  • 34 percent Have had sex on the beach (45 percent would rather not "get sand in places it doesn't belong").
  • 72 percent Believe a Speedo on a man should be illegal.
  • 66 percent Think nude beaches are harrowing (why is it that the bodies we don't want to see naked are always the ones parading around?).
  • 54 percent Pick Dirty Dancing as their favorite summer romance flick.

Source: Source: Survey of 2,004 respondents in a poll conducted on Oprah.com.