Oprah: Does the prospect of parenting scare you at all?

Chris: No.

Oprah: No?

Chris: When you see my face, you know the only thing I'm doing is looking forward to it.

Oprah: That's true. When you first told me about the baby, I could sense your joy and excitement. I'm always happy to see that in black parents because so many of our children came into the world with no one anticipating our arrival. Have you thought of names?

Chris: If it's a girl? Holiday.

Oprah: Holiday Rock. Where did that come from?

Chris: When I heard the song "Holiday," I just thought, Yes, that's it.

Oprah: What does your wife say about that?

Chris: She's picking out normal names, like Pam and Bob.

Oprah: I'm sure that having a child will soften you in places you would never have imagined. Do you enjoy being married now?

Chris: Yes.

Oprah: Are you and your wife pretty domestic?

Chris: Very domestic.

Oprah: What would you be doing on this Saturday afternoon if you weren't sitting here with me?

Chris: I'd be at home watching DVDs, or I'd be at a basketball game.

Oprah: When you're out all day, do you come home and spend the evening with your wife?

Chris: Yes.