Oprah: So does anything bother you?

Chris: The ignorance of the educated pisses me off—the ignorance of the uneducated I just feel sorry for....

Oprah: Does that ignorance include racism?

Chris: Yes, all forms of ignorance. It also bothers me that we don't live in a humble society. So many people seem to be on a spiritual kick these days, so they should know that no matter which of the spiritual texts you read—the Bible, the Koran, the Torah, whatever—there is one characteristic that is mentioned more than any other: humility. And yet we live in a time of such braggadocio.

Oprah: Especially in entertainment.

Chris: The celebrities get up on stage to thank God—and by the way, they're wearing a $12,000 outfit.

Oprah: So aside from that, do everyday circumstances ever get you down?

Chris: I don't let 'em get me down!

Oprah: You don't?

Chris: No. It has often been said that tomorrow is not guaranteed—and that's true. But tomorrow is still the safest bet in the world.

Oprah: I call that sunrise faith—the belief that the sun is pretty certain to show up tomorrow.

Chris: Is Michael Jordan gonna score? We think he is, but he might not, yet we still know that tomorrow will probably be here. You see, tomorrow is even more sure than Michael Jordan scoring. In fact, if there's one thing I've learned, it is this: Tomorrow is more sure than just about anything else in the entire world.