5 Stunning New Mysteries (and Their Brilliant Authors)
Gripping new reads from a few gentlemen with a flair for intrigue.
Cark Hiaasen, Panhandle Pundit
His new book: Bad Monkey (Knopf) boils over with corruption and comeuppance. And yes, there's a monkey.

On writing: "I put my characters on a stage and let them bump into each other and see what happens. That's the way life is—there's no script."

On reading in summer: "Our house in Montana overlooks the Yellowstone River and the Rockies. During summer the sky stays light very late, and we often read on the deck while waiting for the moon to rise over the mountains."

Most looking forward to reading: "Silent Spring, by Rachel Carson. I've spent my life writing about the essentiality of protecting nature, and the greedy weasels who put profits or politics first. If not for Carson, we'd still be breathing DDT."

Background check: "I write about Florida because the material's superb—it's a fountain of sleaze and weirdness...pythons prowl the Everglades eating alligators, and sinkholes swallow people whole."