Q. My sister collects handbags, some of which cost thousands of dollars. I think of the charities that could benefit from this money—it drives me nuts. Do I open my mouth?

A. Unnecessary extravagances are in the mind of the beholder. Might she ask you how much you spend on your Netflix rotation of Beverly Hills, 90210 episodes? Your self-righteous censure won't encourage your sister to donate to charity. Put your money where your judgment is: For her next birthday, donate to Dress for Success in her honor. —Faith Salie, owner of 17 egregiously overpriced tubes of mascara, each promising no end of volumizing, curling, declumping, and water resisting

There are some who have the financial capability to purchase handbags and give to causes. Unless you have intimate knowledge of your sister's finances, don't judge her. Lead by example. —Rudy Rasmus, collector of African art