Man-tested beauty products
Glossy lips (on you, not him). Hair that feels silky (not crunchy). Skin fresh from the shower—warm and scented (not too scented). O gave these models and 30 other willing couples a week to try out some of our favorite beauty products. We asked the guys to take notes about what they like (and loathe) on their partners. Useful info—and startling candor—ahead.

Here's what most of our testers love about women's hair: They want it natural and loose, not saturated with gels or lotions that leave a heavy scent. But that doesn't mean men don't like products: "I like it when she uses something that accentuates her hair's beauty—the shine, thickness, or waviness," said one guy.

The two big issues for guys when it comes to lipstick: They don't want to come away wearing it after a kiss, and they don't like strong taste. Most testers prefer a light gloss that makes a woman's mouth look "silky and soft." And they'll avoid kissing in order not to get sticky lips.

Most guys like the feel of a woman just out of the shower. That's apparently when we're smoothest and warmest. Men also like our moisturizers to have a clean, subtle scent (nothing overly fragranced). Sticky and slick are, unsurprisingly, taboo.


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