The Duke Curtsy
Stand upright with your abdominal muscles tight and hands on your waist, heels touching and toes turned out slightly. In a single fluid movement, bring your left leg behind and to your right, bending both knees into a curtsy while keeping your back straight. (Hold on lightly to a chair back for balance if necessary.) Return to starting position. Repeat 12 times with each leg.

The Weighted Squat
Start by holding a 5- to 12-pound weight in each hand. Stand upright with your feet parallel and shoulder-width apart, keeping your abdominal muscles and buttocks tight. Slowly lower yourself into a sitting position, as if you were settling onto a chair. Hold for one second. As you rise, squeeze your buttocks. Repeat 12 times. Do three sets of 12 reps, resting between sets.

The Side Lunge
Stand upright with legs wide apart and toes pointed outward. With both hands holding an 8- to 15-pound weight, lunge to one side, placing the weight on the floor near the tip of your foot. Pick up the weight, and return to starting position, squeezing your buttocks. Repeat on opposite side. Do three sets of 12 reps.

The Gluteal Leg Lift
Start on all fours, with your elbows and forearms resting on the floor. With your foot flexed, knee bent, and buttocks contracted, lift your leg without arching your back. Keep your head up and your abdominal muscles tight. Bring your foot down until your knee touches the floor. Repeat 12 to 24 times with each leg.


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