Q: I recently got divorced because my husband was cheating on me with a woman who's married to a millionaire. This woman is now splitting assets and negotiating a "friendly" divorce. Her soon-to-be ex knows nothing about her infidelity. Do I tell him? I'm one million percent positive I would not be doing this out of spite.

A: "And I'm one billion percent positive you would be, because you're bringing up the subject of the husband's money, which has absolutely nothing to do with the affair. Live in your story; don't try to edit somebody else's. Write yourself a new chapter—a hopeful, happy one that involves your being insanely well-dressed and sexually fulfilled." — Faith Salie, host, public radio's Fair Game from PRI with Faith Salie podcast

"Why else would you want to ensure an unfriendly divorce? You have no obligation to the husband, and you know nothing of their marriage or history except for the infidelity. Divorce is unpleasant enough without bitter third parties trying to throw a monkey wrench into the works." — Jack Marshall, president, ProEthics


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