In the Shadow of the Moon and The Hottest State
Photo: Karl Dolenc/iStockphoto
For his documentary about the Apollo missions, In the Shadow of the Moon, David Sington gathered lengthy recollections from eight of the nine surviving moonwalkers. These wide-ranging meditations, which touch on everything from the astronauts' private worries to the mysteries of creation, are at once funny, philosophical, and exuberant. Much of the previously unscreened film footage is riveting, particularly the starkly beautiful images of Earth. In an age of digital fantasy, this is the real deal.

The Hottest State, which director Ethan Hawke adapted from his semiautobiographical first novel, follows William (Mark Webber), a young actor making his way in New York. The title refers to the protagonist's home state, Texas, but it also describes his feverish affliction: first, heady, heartbreaking love. Catalina Sandino Moreno plays Sarah, the object of William's affection; watch for strong supporting performances by Laura Linney and Michelle Williams.