Adam Glassman
Photo: Robert Trachtenberg
Q: Miniskirts on women over 40: Are they okay?

A: Get rid of them, and fast, lest you be tempted to flash the world like Britney and Lindsay. Here's my rule: If you wore minis in an earlier era, don't even think about it now. Trying to relive your youth is the quickest way to look old. And while the revival of opaque hose is nice, it doesn't make tiny skirts kosher.

At the knee or slightly above it (2-inch maximum) is the chicest length because it hits your leg where it's slimmest. Before you decide on the hemline, commit yourself to heels or flats so you know what you're dealing with: A skirt that's perfect with ballerina flats can look too short—and regrettably sleazy—with stilettos.

These days fashion isn't that dictatorial about hemlines—or anything else. Let your eye, not the runway, be your guide.


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