Him Her Him Again the End of Him
Girl loses rat. Girl doesn't know when she's well off.
It's been said a woman never forgets her first lover. (Men do?) But if he's a narcissist and she's a world-class neurotic, how long does she pine? Him Her Him Again the End of Him (Scribner), a first novel by Patricia Marx, is a wildly funny sad book. Or a wildly sad funny book. The narrator meets Eugene Obello at grad school in Cambridge. She hands him her heart. He trashes it. The cad! The crumb! The creep! She moves back to America, where, nine years later, he knocks on her door. In true masochistic fashion, she welcomes the now-married father with open arms. We see what a bastardo he is. Woefully, she can't. Marx, the first woman elected to the Harvard Lampoon, lampoons love, academia, even the typeface her novel is published in. Nothing is unskewerable. Wit is the narrator's bulletproof vest. It made this reader feel for her all the more.


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