Adam Glassman, O Magazine creative director
Dear Adam:
I had my ears double-pierced when I was 12. The extra holes never closed, and they're very noticeable and not so attractive. Can you help?

At least they aren't as obvious as tattoos! When we're younger, we all do things we think are cool, and as we mature, usually our style does, too. I love the way earrings light up the face, but a double dose isn't my favorite—and triple or more is trashy. I think a single chic accent looks more elegant.

That said, it's not a fashion crime to leave the extra holes empty, or fill them in with tiny gold, silver, or diamond studs, or try covering them with larger, chunkier earrings. But neither is it a big deal to seal the holes surgically, as I learned from my friendly neighborhood aesthetic dermatologist, Lisa Airan, MD. It's a 30-minute office procedure under local anesthesia, with minimal risk of scarring.


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