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Janine Ptaszek, 34
When Janine gets dressed in the morning, her M.O. is not to get noticed. She spends her workdays in a boxy white coat, hair tied back, face makeup-free. It's a role she's comfortable with. "Growing up, I was very academically oriented," Janine says. "I wasn't the pretty one. I was the smart one." Even off the job, she keeps her look quiet. "I don't own makeup and rarely wear heels or body-conscious clothes. I've never wanted all eyes on me," she says as she settles into Ken's chair and all eyes turn to…her.

First Ken had Laura deepen Janine's ashy brown haircolor to a chestnut, weaving in caramel highlights—"the combination makes her skin look more radiant." He continued to lighten things up by lopping off eight inches of hair. The shorter cut and soft layers coaxed out Janine's natural waves, so Ken simply let her hair air-dry and then used a curling iron to smooth the curls around her face.

Rebecca's makeup approach was just as minimalist: She brushed a pale champagne shadow over Janine's lids and dotted a soft rose blush on her cheeks. The main attraction was Janine's full, sensuous mouth, emphasized with a rich, ruby lipstick. As you can see, the final package was eye-catching—and Janine continued to turn heads after the lights and cameras (and stylists) were gone. "I've noticed people looking at me more, and I'm not shying away from it the way I used to," she told us a couple of weeks later. "I don't think it's so much my appearance as that people are responding to what I'm projecting now—more confidence, more comfort in my body."

Sweater, Donna Karan. Earrings, Chanel.

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