Soupcon's cake
It's time to treat yourself! Try a mouthful of rich, decadent chocolate, or a little something that will make cooking and entertaining that much more fun. It's all good to eat, and it's good for you (for the psyche, not the waistline) too!
Chocolate of the Month
An alternative to the (much-maligned) holiday fruitcake, Soupçon's raspberry-filled almond cake with chocolate ganache provides a fix for fruit fans, nut nuts, and cocoa lovers alike. Packaged in a beautiful wooden Shaker box, the cake makes a great gift—if you can bear to part with it.
  • 917-405-9288
Get the Goods
Not a morning person? A juicer that looks like a giant orange will brighten your kitchen counter, and maybe your mood. Lift off the lid (it doubles as a serving pitcher), push an orange half down on the pressure-activated electric juicing device, and you have fresh-squeezed orange juice in a flash. The Just-Rite Citrus Juicer with two reamers—one for grapefruit and oranges, the other for lemons and limes—is dishwasher-safe.
  • $32


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