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Chocolate of the Month
Sweet charity. Ruby et Violette Utterly Divine Cookies are just that. The transcendently luscious, chewy chocolate chunk confections are sold in nearly 50 flavors, including tiramisu, ginger and kiwi. Seven years ago, Wendy Gaynor sidelined her thriving wholesale cookie business (named after her daughters) when Ruby was seriously injured in a car accident. After focusing on Ruby's recovery for several years, Gaynor decided to return to the kitchen, and in 2001 she opened a jewel-box-size shop in New York City. Five percent of the profits goes to Mount Sinai Hospital's Traumatic Brain Injury Program, where Ruby was treated.

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Black and Green Olive Jam is just one more way an olive lover can get her minimum daily requirement. Served as a chutney, its delightfully salty sweetness lifts pork roast, turkey or chicken out of the humdrum. As a topping, this crush of black and green olives gives an intriguing savory twist to pancakes, crepes and even lemon sorbet or vanilla ice cream.

  • $30
  • $12 for 4.6 ounces
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