Frances Kuffel weighed more than 300 pounds at her peak.

Frances Before
In June 1997, Frances Kuffel weighed 338 pounds at 5'8". The 41-year-old literary agent felt that her three wishes in life—to be slender, to publish her own book, and to fall in love—were beyond her reach.
Frances Kuffel at 170 pounds.

Frances After
Five and a half years after made the decision to lose weight, Frances today weighs about 170 pounds. She credits her weight loss to a 12-step program, a great support group—and a change in attitude.

"What you want has to be stronger than what you have, and I wanted dignity more than I wanted food."

Frances Kuffel at 170 pounds.

Frances Today
Since losing more than half her body weight, Frances says her outlook on life has changed. Not only is she happier with her body, she has written a book on her weightloss experience, and she has started to date again.


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