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Negotiator and Negotiator
Superb at communication, and deeply introspective, these like-minded souls can talk for hours, indeed years, about ideas, family relations, and spiritual beliefs. Both value morality, are concerned about community, and appreciate the flexible, giving spirit in the other, and both are highly romantic. Negotiators bond deeply.

But I suspect these lovers can wear each other out with their constant analyzing. They are likely to give each other too little privacy as well. And both can be anxious and prone to depression. Most important, Negotiators tend to put a high premium on having a profound, meaningful relationship for all eternity. And because they look for the perfect mate, they can easily become disillusioned and eventually part. Perhaps this is why only 4 percent of the marriages in our sample were of this type. The survey picked up one notable discrepancy between two Negotiators: Only 45 percent of the males in these couples reported that their partners were "always" or "often" sensitive to their sexual needs, whereas 80 percent of the female Negotiators said that their husbands were responsive in this way.


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