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Builder and Explorer
Only a small number (6 percent) of our respondents were this kind of couple. Almost polar opposites, the responsible, family-focused Builder may feed off the Explorer's energy and sense of adventure and fun; and alternately, Explorers undoubtedly benefit from their partner's calm, cautious nature, their pragmatism, security, and sexual fidelity. Moreover, Builders have an opportunity to care for someone, while Explorers get a chance to amuse and charm, to make their partner laugh and shed life's burdens.

But each will likely have complaints. The financially practical Builder may sense that the far less frugal Explorer is trying to undermine his or her drive to behave sensibly. Meanwhile, the Explorer may feel stifled by all the rules and schedules that the Builder constructs—wanting to push off and do new things while the Builder prefers to see old friends or follow traditions. When asked, "How often do you feel bored in your relationship?" the Explorer was more than twice as likely to say "sometimes" than the Builder (41 percent versus 17 percent). Fortunately, with the Explorer's easygoing tolerance and the Builder's determination, this match can work.


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