Find your best love match - builder and builder

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Builder and Builder
As the exception to the rule that people are drawn to genetic types different from their own, this couple has great strength, precisely because Builders are enormously interested in family stability. In fact, this is such a fine match for raising children, I suspect Mother Evolution gave Builders a trait to overcome their potential boredom with one another: They thrive on predictability.

Women in these marriages seem particularly content. The female Builder is more likely than the male to say her spouse is sensitive to her sexual needs (38 percent compared to 19 percent) and respects her (57 percent versus 35 percent); she's also more likely to admire the way her husband handles money than vice versa (44 percent versus 28 percent). The main downside of the couple is that while Builders make a powerful team when they agree, they can lock horns if they don't. Still, I would guess that this combination is the least likely of all marriages to part company.