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Builder and Negotiator
This is another promising and popular combination. The Builder's dedication to home and family life is shared by the Negotiator, who—unlike the Director—is socially skilled and inclined to connect with others. Both are naturally quite nurturing, loyal, and dependable. They each also have a proclivity for religious faith or spirituality, a need to help others, and a deep belief in moral behavior. As for their differences, they can complement each other nicely: The Builder is most likely drawn to the Negotiator's enthusiasm, creativity, and flexibility, and the Negotiator is grounded by the Builder's orderliness and ability to meet deadlines.

There are downsides. Builders are likely to become irritated by what they consider their partner's self-absorption and idealism. Meanwhile the Negotiator can long for more depth and meaning in the relationship and come to find the Builder's lack of passion and romance disappointing. When asked, "Does your partner satisfy your deepest psychological needs?" significantly fewer Negotiators said "always" or "often" (55 percent) than Builders (75 percent). Also, not surprisingly, the tenderhearted Negotiator has a lot more respect for the way the frugal Builder partner "handles money" than the Builder has for the Negotiator's more casual financial style (51 percent versus 30 percent).


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