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Beauty routines for neck maintenance

Our faces shouldn't hog all the products. Let's do something for our highly susceptible (but often neglected) necks. The skin in this zone is thin and sensitive, explains Susan Taylor, MD, a dermatologist in Philadelphia. "That means cleansing gently—no scrubbing—and using the same moisturizers as under your eyes."

It also means including the neck when you apply your daily sunscreen. Foundation isn't necessary, though, unless you have sun-damage spots (best concealed, according to makeup artist and cosmetics entrepreneur Trish McEvoy, with a pressed mineral-powder base—cream or liquid is too heavy). To escape the jarring vision of a face that's a shade or two lighter than the neck supporting it, McEvoy suggests doing a visual check with a digital self-portrait (even more objective than a mirror).

How about more drastic remedies? Alan Matarasso, MD, a plastic surgeon in New York City, tells us that necklifts tighten sags but won't improve crepey texture. For that you could try nonsurgical treatments like lasers, but they don't last and aren't consistently successful. Learning to live with your natural-born neck is, we think, a cheaper and less risky proposition.