Express Yourself! 8 Pens That Inspire
"Here's hoping that one of these pens helps you get what's in your head and heart onto the page." — Oprah
Swarovski crystal pen
Glam Slam
Get a grip on Swarovski crystals straight from the Oprah Store. 

Post-It pen
Take Note!
Oprah uses the Post-It flags on the highlighter version of this pen to mark her favorite passages in books—now there's a gel-ink variation, too. 

Post-It Flag + Gel Pen, $6.50 for two-pack;
Two's Company pen
A Cut Above
With a silver-plated handle in the style of an antique knife, this scribbler gives new meaning to the phrase "writing utensil." 

Two's Company, $15;  
Parker Sonnet Mono Ball Pen
The Gold Standard
When your old stash of freebie hotel pens just won't do, call on this chiseled-herringbone beauty. 

Parker Sonnet Mono Ball Pen, $105; 
Rebecca Moss pen
Quick Draw
The slimline rollerball "bullet pen" writes at the speed of thought and is compact enough to fit in any purse. 

Fisher Space Pen
Space Age
From NASA missions to your grocery list—a high-tech wonder that writes upside-down and has a 100-year shelf life. 

Fisher Space Pen, $26;
Fred Flare ballpoint pen
Dress You Up
The humble ballpoint gets a svelte, gleaming-gold makeover. 

$10 for set of five;
Sherpa Sharpie Collection
The Sharpie Image
This shell adds sturdy brass and splashes of color to your trusty marker-pen. 

Sherpa Sharpie Collection, $30;

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