Oprah and Ellen O Magazine cover
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Ellen and Oprah Oprah Talks to Ellen
Ellen tells Oprah about her balanced life, her loving wife, and how she intends to take her new job as an American Idol judge very seriously.

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Ellen's Quest to Be on the Cover

Ellen wants to be on the cover of O Ellen Makes Her Request
She sang, she danced, she stayed on hold with Harpo Studios for 11 minutes...watch a recap of Ellen's "O, Yes I Can!" campaign to share the cover of O.

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Oprah surprises Ellen Oprah Surprises Ellen
Finally, Oprah called Ellen back—in the middle of a show taping!—to invite her onto the cover of O's December issue.

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Blast from the Past

The Four Agreements Ellen's O Interview with don Miguel Ruiz
Ellen has already been in O once before, when she talked to the esteemed author of a book that changed her life.

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