Q: I just received an out-of-office e-mail from a colleague who's a new mother, but it's in the voice of her baby—"My mom's out of the office because I was born last week and she needs to take care of me. Please contact Susie at..." Is this funny? Harmless? Inappropriate?

A: "Funny? No. Harmless? Maybe. Inappropriate? Yes. May I supply you with more adjectives, like unprofessional, cringeworthy, and jejune?" — Faith Salie, host, public radio's Fair Game from PRI with Faith Salie podcast

"I have to agree. An overly cutesy e-mail notification could turn off potential clients, customers, and the supervisor who was anticipating recommending her for a promotion. Pull this lady aside and save her from herself—cooing belongs in the nursery." — Anita L. Allen, professor of law and philosophy, the University of Pennsylvania Law School


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