Which E-Reader Is for You?
They're not just for techies anymore, but which device is for you? O stacks them up.
The Kindle
(6", $259, pictured; or Kindle DX: 9.7", $489)

Buy one of these and you're married to Amazon, but with easy wireless access and hundreds of thousands of books to choose from, it's a match made in heaven.

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Barnes and Noble Nook
The Nook
(6", $300)

Barnes & Noble to go—wireless, touch screen, and oh, that lend-a-friend-a-book feature!
Sony Reader Touch
Sony Reader Touch
(6", $300)

Sleek design, access to thousands of free books in the public domain. If only it were wireless (sigh)…

And…Rumor has it Apple's got a "tablet"-style reader due any day. Will it be an iPod-like game changer? Stay tuned.…

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