Family Keepsake Boxes
Sometimes, the greatest gift of all is the gift of memories—they last forever and the fun of "opening" them never disappears! Preserve your most treasured moments by creating a family keepsake box. From baby steps to Thanksgiving recipes, seal your legacy with love.

  • Box made of cardboard, wood, plastic or any material that will stand the test of time
  • Optional: paints, ribbons, fabric, buttons and beads
  • Stationary and pen
  • Personal artifacts (see below)
Ideas for Compiling a Keepsake Box
  • Find a box that you feel a special connection with (e.g., a hatbox, shoebox or cigar box). Feel free to decorate your box with paints, ribbons, fabric, buttons and beads. Be creative with your keepsake box!
  • Write a letter to the recipient. Describe what artifacts you are putting in the box and why you chose them.
  • Add something that you made with your own hands, like a card, jewelry, a scarf or piece of clothing, a painting, blueprints for a house, part of a car you restored, or some pottery that you painted as a child.
  • Include some of your personal items and explain them.
  • Include a personal item of the recipient's past—something that would be memorable to the person receiving this box.
  • Remember family traditions with items like Thanksgiving recipes, Christmas stockings, Hanukkah candles or birthday hats.
  • Include photographs or videotapes of monumental occasions.
  • Remember your roots with items that passed loved ones left behind.
  • You can include special music in your box—a favorite CD or a song that makes you laugh or cry.
  • You might also want to try to preserve a scent that brings back memories—a signature perfume or favorite soap.
  • List your "top 10" favorite sayings that have helped you throughout life.

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