Dr. Phillip C. McGraw
"You need to get over yourself, get over your guilt, and get back in the game"

Phillip C. McGraw, PhD, on getting over guilt, coping with a loved one's death, and dealing with a bossy husband.
"I constantly feel guilty for not practicing the religion I grew up with (I'm not sure it's what I believe anymore). I feel guilty that I don't visit my parents as much as they would like; guilty about the number of people I slept with..."

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"I'm 25 and an only child. My mother was recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. I have aunts and uncles and friends I can talk to, but there are certain things that I, as her child, have to take care of..."

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"My husband acts as if he's our children's drill instructor. It's so embarrassing—he yells at our 4-year-old for the smallest things..."

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