Do you look better with age?
What's the best (and worst) beauty advice anyone ever gave you? (The best I ever got—grow in your eyebrows. The worst—get a perm.)
Preserve and Protect Your Skin, All of It
My best beauty advice? Use sunscreen and Retin A. And the most important advice I didn't follow early enough? Protect your neck like you would your face, and the same goes for hands. People always say I look younger than my age, but I'm afraid that my neck and hands give me real age away.
Mary Danahy
Chicago, IL

Never Strip Again
The absolute worst beauty advice I ever got was to cut my hair extremely short—we're talking boy length—and color it bright red. I followed the first suggestion, but refused to go bright red. Instead my stylist suggested white since I've been getting white hairs (not gray) since I was 16. I decided to go for it, even though my hair is naturally dark brown, almost black. She had to strip my hair of any and all color. Unfortunately, I didn't realize what that meant until she was finished. I was horrified!
Deby Celler
Buffalo, NY

Blonde Ambition (Not)
When I was 20, my best friend at the time told me I'd look great as a blonde. She told me that she'd bleached plenty of heads, so I let her do mine. My hair fell out by the handfuls, my scalp was so white it shined through what was left of my hair, and even those remaining tufts were completely fried. I've remained a natural brunette ever since.
Joy Rollice
Tahlequah, OK


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