biggest beauty issues?
What's your most pressing beauty issue? Many of you search for that perfect moisturizer/blush/eye cream, but haven't quite found it. Others are confounded by the countless options at the dermatologist's office. Val asked, and you gave us your best shot. Here are some of your biggest frustrations, worries and beauty conundrums!
Dark Circles, Be Gone
Here's my pressing question: Short of cosmetic surgery, is there anything I can do to reduce the circles under my eyes? I wear concealer, but I'd like to diminish the circles, not just cover them up. And, yes, I use eye cream, drink plenty of water, get a fair amount of sleep, exercise, and generally eat pretty well. Still, I look tired far too often. Thanks for any ideas.

Katharine Canfield
Belmont, MA

Yes, It's Really Me...Only Older
I'm not searching for that perfect moisturizer/
blush/eye cream and I don't 'struggle' with my changing looks, per se. But I do have to cope with my appearance as it ages and how others respond to it.

In particular, I've found that many people who haven't seen me in a long time don't always recognize me. It's uncomfortable. My hair has thinned and grayed because I don't believe in coloring it—so I look older. I do the best I can with what I have, but what other advice do you have for someone like me?




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