Adam Glassman
Dear Adam:
As a plus-size woman, what do I absolutely need in my closet?


  • Lingerie that lifts, smooths, and supports, including shapewear pieces and a properly fitted bra. You've got to get dressed from the inside out.
  • A white wrap shirt to show off your waist (if you have one) or give the illusion of curves (if you don't).
  • Black boot-cut stretch pants to balance broader hips.
  • Jeans with some stretch—I'll even allow elasticized waists as long as you swear to wear your tops untucked.
  • A wrap dress in a solid color (more slimming than prints).
  • A trenchcoat with a waist-shrinking belt. Epaulets build up the shoulders—instant hourglass.
  • A straight skirt for the curvy; an a-line if your body shape is less defined.
  • A stretch tank to layer with—it helps to contain larger breasts.
  • A pair of heels for shapelier calves.
  • …and opaque hose to match—for the longest-looking legs in town.