Actress Amanda Peet shares her favorite books.
When I was young, I could always tell which books around the house belonged to my mother and which were my father's. My mom would be in the middle of The Hurried Child or The Interpretation of Dreams . My dad would usually have a paperback thriller or a copy of Hamlet —he's obsessed with the play and can quote it start to finish. When I was having trouble deciding which books to choose for this list, I finally thought about him, and I just picked the ones I've obsessed over the most.

I'm fascinated by stories that show people disengaging from various parts of their lives. Some people can do that effortlessly, while others are pushed to it out of necessity. They have to disconnect entirely from their situation to survive it. What's so interesting to me is how often denial, which starts with one small moment of removing oneself, can have colossal ramifications.

Amanda Peet appeared in Woody Allen's film,Melinda and Melinda, and in Syriana.

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