Actor Aaron Eckhart shares his favorite books.
The Thank You for Smoking star inhales modern and ancient masterpieces (including a juicy detective novel) with heroes who just won't quit.
I read a lot of stuff. Sometimes, though, the places and the cases in contemporary novels begin to feel familiar. It seems like a swear word suffices to express anger. That's when I go back to classics—or the occasional spy novel. I like descriptive language. I like writers who create complicated or poetic images or a world that is completely unfamiliar—the writers who dress things up a little bit.

The romance of these kinds of books resonates with me. By romance, I mean more than a love story. These writers so often take on the idea of how a man conducts his life—usually a man who believes in something when everyone else is persecuting him for it. While he may have failed thousands of times, he has a vision of something tangible. In those circumstances, the great ones rise. And that, to me, is a romantic notion. That's what I like. I like the guys who forge ahead.

Thank You for Smoking is based on the novel by Christopher Buckley.

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