O at Home List: Plastic Silverware and Napkins

You're All Set
The dirty little secret of this fabulous silverware? It's plastic. Mix it with these charming paper napkins and you've got a posh picnic.
  • $56 for 600 pieces of plasticware
  • WNA Comet; 888-962-2877
  • $6 for 20 dinner napkins
  • Caspari; 800-227-7274
O at Home List: Colorful Cutting Boards

Chop! Chop!
Play it safe with polypropylene cutting boards. Use one color for poultry, another for veggies, and you'll never again worry about cross-contamination or a dull-looking kitchen.
  • $10 each
  • Dexas International Ltd.; 800-527-5197; dexas.com
O at Home List: Nylon Spatulas

Flip for It
These rainbow-colored nylon spatulas will get you out of the stickiest situations without scratching your pans.
  • $5 each
  • OXO; 800-545-4411; oxo.com
O at Home List: Espresso Maker

Espresso Yourself
This little gadget is a must for the caffeine addict in your life. It makes up to six perfect espressos right on the stove top and looks pretty charming in the process.
  • $121
  • Richard Ginori; 800-215-1193;richardginori1735.com
O at Home List: Missoni's Jennifer Pattern

Dinner Is Served
Apparently, Missoni creates china in the same delicate patterns that crop up in the company's clothing designs.
  • Jennifer pattern teacup and saucer, $58; dessert plate, $23; dinner plate, $27
  • Missoni Home Collection; 800-215-1193
O at Home List: Entertain

Toast of the Town
Never mind the warming rack and the extra-wide loading slots—this toaster is a work of art.
  • $130
  • DeLonghi; 800-865-6330; delonghi.com
O at Home List: Entertain

Stop It
Fantastic wine deserves fantastic crystal bottle stoppers. Here's a gorgeous trio.
  • $100 for set of three
  • Vera Wang by Wedgwood; 800-955-1550
O at Home List: Entertain

Cool Aid
Quit watering down your sangria and keep your iced tea icy. At last, a glass pitcher that chills without diluting.
  • $300
  • La Cafetière; la-cafetiere.com


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