The Home Decor List
Decor O at Home List: Candleholders
Festival of Brights
What says "holiday" louder and clearer than richly colored candleholders? These, ten and a half inches high, in brilliant mercury glass, come in seven colors.
  • Candlesticks by Anokha, $28 each
  • Chiasso: 877-244-2776;
Decor O at Home List: Colorful Wine Totes
Grape Performances
Any bottle of wine can make a memorable entrance swathed in this tote of many colors.
  • Canvas tote, $8
  • Finishing Touches: 360-681-3876
  • Pick up a copy of O at Home for a selection of wines worth the ta-da!
Decor O at Home List: Charming Tea Tins
White Is the New Green
White tea—tops in health, strength, flavor—in charming little tins. Try:
  • Montagne de la Lune (velvety, mellow)
  • Pavilion de Laque (spicy)
  • Neige de Soie (fresh, flowery)
  • Thé Après L'Orage (hints of mint and orange)
  • Fleur d'Eau (citrusy)
  • Temple de Nuages (a touch of anise)
  • Thés Blancs by Mariage Frères
  • $35 each
  • Bergdorf Goodman: 800-558-1855
Decor O at Home List: Personalized Soaps
Raising the Bar
The initials—very snazzy. The size—hefty. The scents—delicious. Choose lavender mist, freesia, vanilla almond, or green tea (not shown)—or one of each.
  • Set of four soaps, $32
  • Red Envelope: 877-733-3683;
Decor O at Home List: Carafe
Fill 'Er Up
…with fruit juice, flowers, cocktails—or just let this gorgeously simple hunk of iridescent glass stand on its own.
  • Carafe, $16.99
  • Thomas O'Brien for Target: 800-800-8800;
Decor O at Home List: Deer Doormat
Deer Doormat
Just the thing to welcome those prancing, pawing herds of holiday visitors.
  • Peeking Reindeer coconut fiber doormat, $32
  • Garnet Hill: 800-622-6216;
Decor O at Home List: Bonbon Candles
Six luscious-looking candles—visions of sugarplums with, mercifully, zero calories.
  • $19.50
  • La Cafetière: 866-486-0667;
Decor O at Home List: Sundae Glasses
Rainbow Sherbets
Elevate any dessert to the next level: footed glass dishes in 1950s sweetshop colors.
  • Venezia dish, $5.25 each
  • C.S. Post & Co.: 888-419-2399;
Decor O at Home List: Champagne Flutes
Clink, Clink
Start your favorite couple on a collection with a pair of six-ounce crystal champagne flutes in that promising blue box.
  • $25 each
  • Tiffany & Co.: 800-526-0649.
  • For champagne's that are the toast of the town, pick up a copy of O at Home.
Decor O at Home List: Initialed Pencils
Pencil Us In
Indulge someone's inner—or actual—second grader: 30 pencils with her very own name, in an initialed canvas case.
  • $12.98
  • Lillian Vernon: 800-545-5426;
Decor O at Home List: Fondue
Fun. Do.
Pull up a chair. Grab a fork. Dip in.
  • Chantal Fun Fondue set, $25
  • Williams-Sonoma: 800-541-2233;
Decor O at Home List: Monogrammed Coasters
Because any gathering has its share of chills and spills (not to mention rings on your good furniture)—100 monogrammed paper coasters.
  • Coasters, $38; case, $7
  • Neiman Marcus; 888-888-4757;
Decor O at Home List: Bath Salts
Sea Change
Chunky crystallized bath salts so pretty they could serve as potpourri in four blissfully escapist scents.
  • Vie Luxe natural bath crystals, $34 each
  • Saks Fifth Avenue;
Decor O at Home List: Cocktail Napkins
Dot's Entertainment
Instant cheer: Eight fizzily polka-dotted cotton cocktail napkins in a wooden box.
  • Dots Cocktail Napkins, $21.95
  • Crate & Barrel: 800-966-9960;