The Gadgets List
Gadgets: PDA, Cell and iPod Charging Base
Recharging Headquarters
You're tuned in, turned on, wireless, and free—except for that tangle of chargers on your dresser. The Recharging HQ fires up your cell, PDA, and iPod simultaneously.
  • $24.95
  • Herrington Catalog: 800-622-5221;
Receipt Scanner
Receipt Relief
This elegant little scanner sends receipts straight to an expense report, so you can send those pesky slips of paper straight to the recycle bin.
  • $229.95
  • NeatReceipts: 866-632-8732;
Candy Apple iBook G4
Eye Candy
Not just a pretty case, the Candy Apple iBook G4 lets you have all kinds of techy fun (burn CDs! edit videos!) in 21—dare we say frivolous?—colors.
  • $1,594 and up
  • ColorWare: 888-452-6567;
Gadgets O at Home List Scale
Tread Lightly
The eggshell effect won't make you weigh less, but this scale should lighten your mood.
  • $64
  • Nuvo Accessories: 800-997-6886;
Universal Remote
Remote Possibilities
Finally, a universal remote that's easy to program and easy on the eyes—while it runs every gizmo you own.
  • $249.95
  • Logitech: 866-291-1505;
Gadgets O at Home List: TuneStage
Hey DJ
Wrong song for the right mood? TuneStage lets you keep the iPod handy by transmitting wirelessly to your sound system across the room.
  • $179.99
  • Belkin: 800-223-5546;