The Gadgets Home List
Weather Hub
Central Forecasting
A candy-bar-size personal weather channel sticks to the fridge or sits on a counter, signaling conditions for the next 24 hours.
  • Weather Hub, $19.99
  • Oregon Scientific; 800-853-8883;
Root 6 vacuum by Dyson
Swirl Power
For small jobs that require big suction, this cordless handheld vacuum uses centrifugal force and fast-charging lithium-ion batteries.
  • Root 6 vacuum by Dyson, $149.99
  • Soft Hub USB port
    Only Connect
    Expand your computer's USB capacity with this three-plug hub for cameras, modems, and other peripherals.
    • Soft Hub USB port by Scott Resources, $24
    • MoMA Design Store; 800-447-6662;
    A: Xpress XM Satellite Radio receiver by Audiovox
    Dynamic Duo
    You can take it with you—satellite radio, that is. A cassette-size receiver (A) slips into a portable docking station (B), so that XM's 170 channels—including Oprah Radio on XM 156—are always at hand.
    • A: Xpress XM Satellite Radio receiver by Audiovox, $79.99
    • 800-967-2346;
    • B: XM audio system by Belkin, $99.99
    • Best Buy;