The Home Decor List
Décor "O at Home" List: Dustpan Set
Swept Away
This cheerful plastic dust-busting duo comes in four color schemes.
  • Dustpan set, $45
  • The Sarut Group; 800-345-6404;
Décor "O at Home" List: Preps Colander
Re-Straining Order
Rinse pasta in style.
  • Preps colander by Architec, $19.99
  • Broadway Panhandler; 866 266-5927;
Décor "O at Home" List: Melamine Containers
Bold Storage
Give everyday leftovers the star treatment.
  • Melamine containers by French Bull, $32 for a set of three
  • Plum Party;
Décor "O at Home" List: Covered Bakers
Put a Lid on It
Ceramic cookers in retro colors.
  • Covered bakers, $18 for seven-inch round, $36 for 14-by-8 1/2-inch rectangle
  • KN Karen Neuburger;
Décor "O at Home" List: Graviti Pepper Mill
State of Grind
A battery-operated mill that automatically grinds when inverted.
  • Graviti pepper mill by Trudeau, $26.95 each
Décor "O at Home" List: Submergible Egg Cooker
Little Dipper
Say good morning to perfectly boiled eggs with this submergible cooker.
  • Coccodandy by Alessi, $22.50
  • Unicahome;
Décor "O at Home" List: Orka Ice-Cube Trays
Flash Cubes
A snap-tight lid prevents spills, while flexible pads let you pop out one cube at a time.
  • Orka ice-cube trays by iSi, $9.99 each
Décor "O at Home" List: Sil-Pin Soft Grip Rolling Pin
On a Roll
Dough won't stick to this silicone-clad rolling pin.
  • Sil-Pin Soft Grip by Fiesta Products, $39.99
  • Bed Bath & Beyond;
Décor "O at Home" List: Flower Dishmops
Scour Power
The stem of each dishmop bloom is a handy scraper.
  • Flower dishmops, $9.99 for a set of five
  • LaPrima Shops;
Décor "O at Home" List: Stump Teapots
In Pot Pursuit
Simple, stylish 16-ounce teapots equipped with stainless-steel lids and infusers.
  • Stump teapots by Forlife, $18.99 each
Décor "O at Home" List: Monogrammed Cutting Board
Letter Perfect
Before you carve the roast, you can have your initial carved into this board.
  • Chubbco monogrammed oval cutting board, $150
  • Neiman Marcus;
Décor "O at Home" List: Rotary Grater
Grate Expectations
The detachable dispenser doubles as a measuring cup.
  • Rotary grater by Swissmar, $12
  • Cookin' Stuff;
Décor "O at Home" List: Cake Server
Sit, Stay, Slice
This clever pet behaves exceptionally well at birthday parties.
  • Cake server, $24
  • Pylones;