The Décor Home List
E. Braun & Co. pillow shams
Pillow Shams
Border Romance

The sateen finish on these Egyptian-cotton pillow shams is dreamy to the touch, and the crisp embroidery is easy on the eyes.

  • Boudoir pillow shams, Maze, $160, and Segovia, $230
  • Both by E. Braun & Co., 800-372-7286
Spectrum Steak-Knife Set
Steak Knives
French Made

Dishwasher-safe knives in stainless steel and resin from Alain Saint-Joanis, whose 130-year-old family business is based in south-central France, a region known for its cutlery since the Middle Ages.

  • Spectrum steak-knife set, $98
  • Anthropologie; 800-309-2500;
Hartland Candlesticks
Handcrafted Candleholders
Glow Sticks

Ireland-raised Simon Pearce set up his glassblowing shop in Vermont in 1981 and since then has consistently turned out beautifully handcrafted tableware such as these candleholders.

  • Hartland candlesticks, $95 to $165
  • Simon Pearce; 800-774-5277;
Match Tableware
Match Tableware
On the Edge

The newest line of tableware from Match, which specializes in handmade pewter products from Italian artisans, has a lead-free pewter rim surrounding the ceramic base—a combination that works for fancy or everyday meals.

  • Convivio tableware buffet plate, $101
  • Dinner plate, $78
  • Pasta/soup bowl, $76
  • Cavalier spoon, $28
  • Manor Home & Gifts;
Nelson Multicolor Ball Wall Clock
Multicolor Ball Wall Clock

Designer George Nelson (1908–1986) was a linchpin of American modernism. Not only did he come up with bubble lamps and L-shaped desks, but he also applied his signature strong colors, simple forms and sense of humor to telling time. More than 50 years later, his ball clock has been reissued. The only change, and we think he'd approve, is that an out-of-sight battery has replaced the power cord.

  • Nelson Multicolor Ball wall clock by Vitra, $300
  • MoMA Store; 800-447-6662;
Baccarat's Véga Water Glasse
Baccarat's Véga Water Glass
Hint of Tint

For people who like the light-refracting quality of leaded crystal but want a more streamlined look than traditional multifaceted stemware offers, Baccarat's Véga water glass fits the bill. It combines a simple silhouette with subtle casts of topaz and olive green.

  • Baccarat's Véga Water Glass, $170 each.
  • Baccarat; 800-777-0100;
Table Linens by Libeco
Libeco Home Table Linens
Hold the Lines

Linen is known for its durability and a softness that only increases with use. Belgium's 149-year-old Libeco Home has introduced a line of yarn-dyed, mix-and-match table linens in bright stripes and sunny colors.

  • Galiote large stripe and Ponderosa medium or large stripe, $13.91 each
  • Libeco Home;
Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Cookware
Le Creuset Cast-Iron Cookware
Heavy Duty

Cooks love Le Creuset enameled cast-iron cookware because it travels from stovetop to table and because its substantial iron core conducts and holds heat so well. Now it's available in a day-brightening Caribbean blue.

  • Enameled cast-iron 2.25-quart saucier pan, $129.99
  • 5.5-quart round French oven, $199.99
  • Chefs;