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The Glassmans were thrilled with the casually traditional, artfully controlled eclecticism Tippin created. A Lucite table from CB2 is perfect as a bar. The Buddha head is by Emissary from Dovecote; the barware, by Williams-Sonoma Home; and the painting Untitled Abstract II , from Lillian August.

The best part of working with a stylist who intuitively got her and her family, Kristin says, was shedding her textbook ideas of how a house should look. Now that the living room is no longer cordoned off in their minds as a place only for company, Kristin and her girls visit the suddenly cozy and groovy space to read and hear birds sing. She jokes that sometimes—like when she was standing in a store and considering a Buddha statue that she wouldn't have noticed before—she wonders, What would Corey do?

But Tippin's greatest gift has been teaching her to trust her instincts. "What I want in the rest of the house is more youth, more vibrancy," she says. "I want our house to reflect our personalities. We are fun people, we do silly things here. I shouldn't feel I have to meet this criteria of what is ‘perfect.' I feel more confident now, more free-spirited. It's a revelation."

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