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Allegra immediately appreciated the more relaxed feel of her family's new living room. The difference, again, is in Tippin's playful additions, which include a geometrically patterned Jonathan Adler rug (on top of a second sisal), a Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams coffee table, and a leopard-print ottoman and a zebra-print stool from Dovecote. Pillows by Jonathan Adler and Madeline Weinrib Atelier complement the Glassmans' sofa.

The space was further punctuated by the dark, linear shapes of a few new pieces of furniture trimmed in burnished metal, inexpensive Ikea pottery, and one big, black-shaded Jonathan Adler lamp that, Tippin says, took away the piano's power "to overwhelm the room."

Tippin wanted "simple shapes, trays, and containers" for the coffee table, so he chose vases from Ikea, a Williams-Sonoma Home Lucite box (which he filled with coral), and a zebra-print tray from Decorative Things.

Abstract paintings Tippin hung below the sconces in both rooms underlined the moldings' graphic strength. "The great thing about abstract art is that you can impose your own thoughts on it," he says. "It brings intelligence and sophistication to a room." The abstract paintings are from Appleton Webster Home at Hiden Galleries.


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