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When Nate showed up on her doorstep with a big hug and the news that she was one of our contest winners, Jenn Feldman had a wave of emotions. "Gosh—this is like getting engaged!" Jenn exclaimed. "I never saw it coming." Then she promptly burst into tears and blamed it on hormones. Fair enough—she'd just given birth to her son, Sammy, three weeks earlier.

Rewind to 2005, when Jenn left New York to be with her fiancé, Todd, in Los Angeles. The couple bought a run-down condo in Beverly Hills, enabling Jenn—who had lived in rentals all her life—to finally realize her dream of renovating a home from top to bottom. She wanted to fix up the place before they moved in, so she gave herself a 30-day deadline. "I work best under pressure," she says. And she got to it, hiring a crew to lay new ebony-stained hardwood floors and repaint every surface of the apartment.

A street artist named O painted the oversize orchid in Jenn Feldman's living room.


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