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Nate's at the door.
Kirsten Hollister was busy with her usual morning chores—vacuuming, preparing her 7-year-old son, Owen, for day camp—when a handsome man appeared at the front door with a huge bouquet of hydrangeas. "My husband, Andy, didn't recognize Nate, so he thought it was a bit strange," she recalls, laughing.

As for Kirsten's initial reaction? Well, a different sort of shock set in. "I was sad about my wardrobe choice," the former fashion-company office manager confesses. "I was in front of these cameras, caught in schlumpy jeans and flip-flops—I definitely wasn't ready for my closeup!"

Fortunately, though, her house was. Nate immediately raved about the natural elements that carry through from room to room—a centerpiece of antlers on the dining table, an urn filled with seashells in the living room—and the way those rough-hewn touches contrast with the home's finer details, such as narrow legs on much of the furniture.