Cool Electronic Gizmos
Gadgets 'O at Home' List: i-Dog speaker puppy
Speaker Puppy
Sit! Sing!
Speaker pup lights up the dance floor (or desk), plays tunes off an iPod or MP3, and makes moves you've never seen.
  • i-Dog, $34.95
  • Sharper Image: 800-344-4444;
Gadgets 'O at Home' List: AeroLatte frother
Steamed Milk Gizmo
The Way We Whir
This great little gizmo takes steamed milk (for cappuccino or cocoa) from flat to frothy in 10 seconds.
  • AeroLatte frother with stand, $32
  • Dean & Deluca:
Gadgets 'O at Home' List: Multi-functional battery powered radio
Radio, Flashlight, Siren and Cell Charger
Crank Case
Next best thing to a guardian angel—a battery-operated radio with built-in flashlight, siren and cell-phone charger.
  • Eton Selfpowered Weather Alert Radio, $50
  • Neiman Marcus: 888-888-4757;
Gadgets 'O at Home' List: Wine Master
Wine Master
Expert in Your Pocket
For the price of a middling bottle of wine, this gadget will keep the oenophile on your list happy for hours. Reviews, ratings (over 10,000 wines and spirits), what-goes-with-what suggestions and more.
  • Wine Master, $30
  • Neiman Marcus: 888-888-4757;
Gadgets 'O at Home' List: Color-coded key pager
Key Pager
Keys, Please
How many hours a year are spent looking for keys? Make someone a gift of that time.
  • Color-coded, four-key pager, $30
  • Target: 800-800-8800
Gadgets 'O at Home' List: Pagemark Dictionary
PageMarker Dictionary
Defining Moments
The answers are there when you need them! The Pagemark Dictionary also plays games, does math, remembers your friends' names and numbers, and tells time.
  • $49.99
  • Franklin Electronics: