Kay Unger says the 200 cubbies lining her master bedroom walls are 'art in motion.'

Credits: Photographs by Timothy Kolk, styling by Lance Boyd

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The loft she chose had just been renovated and had a great kitchen and luxurious bathrooms, but its modernist aesthetic felt chilly. Even worse for an accumulator like Kay, it had almost no storage space. Her remodeling largely consisted of building places for her things, including wall-filling shelves she designed for order and display space.

The 200 cubbies lining her master bedroom walls are, she says, "art in motion." To energize and feminize the display, Kay had squares of Masonite painted in reds and pinks that matched her favorite shades of nail polish and attached them with Velcro to the back walls of the cubbyholes. They hold almost half of Kay's beloved 150-pair footwear collection—from vintage Manolos to well-worn espadrilles—along with bags and family photographs. Waking up to those pieces of personal history brings the 22-foot-square room down to a human scale.

Kay also reupholstered the tan Le Corbusier chairs from one of her previous apartments in red leather and tufted an ottoman in pink silk. The Tibetan runner is from the Rug Company.


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