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Heather's Conservation Success
In the upstairs bathroom, Heather conserves water by using low-flow faucets in the sink and shower. "The contractor discouraged me from doing so, but I wish I'd used more red tiles," she says of the mosaic of one-inch square tiles in the bathroom. "The room is feminine but fun, and it's my absolute favorite part of the house."

So how did the Ferriers' collaboration go? Swimmingly, by every measure. The house came in just under budget and Heather loves the place. It's won a bevy of honors, including one from the American Lung Association's Health House program and the platinum LEED certification, the highest rating for building-sustainability. (Heather's is the first residence in Texas, and the third in the country, to receive the LEED honor.)

To support her father's vision, Heather opens her home frequently for tours, and more than 4,700 people have traipsed through to date. "The first weekend we had the finished house open for tours, a woman marched up to me with a checkbook and said, 'I want to buy it now,'" Heather says. Wisely, she demurred. Good citizen of the planet and daughter that she is, Heather handed over one of her father's business cards instead.

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