3 Simple Strategies to Achieve Calm

  • Iyanla Vanzant: 3 Simple Strategies to Achieve Calm
    Photo: George Burns
  • Maxed out by stress? These simple strategies will help keep you sane.

    1. Set bedtime intentions.
    Each night, make a statement to the universe about your desires. Your only job is to keep those intentions in the forefront of your mind, no matter how many challenges come your way. Stating them before bed programs the mind, keeping them active in your thoughts during the day.

    2. Tune out distractions.
    So much of our stress results from outside forces. But when you trust yourself and stay committed to your intentions, stress is less likely to rear its ugly head.

    3. Give yourself three minutes of every hour, every day.
    Do you truly not have enough time to get everything done? Or are you too busy giving your time to others and not keeping any for yourself? Imagine taking one minute, three times an hour, to breathe, expanding your diaphragm with the inhale (count to four) and deflating it with the exhale (count to four again). It's a way to achieve calm—and a time-out just for you.

    Iyanla Vanzant is the host of OWN's Iyanla: Fix My Life and the author of Peace from Broken Pieces (SmileyBooks).