Take Control of Your Finances
Suze Orman
Job layoffs, plunging retirement accounts, home foreclosures...the ripples of the recession are affecting us all—which is why money expert Suze Orman says there is no better time to take control of your financial life. "This is the year that will either make you or break you, I'm sorry to say, financially speaking," she says. "This is the year that we are going to have to be dealing with what happened last year in the economy."

If you have questions about debt, savings, real estate or retirement, Suze has put the answers in her new book, Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan: Keeping Your Money Safe and Sound. "It's going to give you the foundation to deal with everything that has happened last year and set you up so you can deal with it in the future years because it's not over quite yet," Suze says.

Read an excerpt of Suze's book.