Jean Chatzky
Women have made great strides in the workplace, but according to New York Times columnist Lisa Belkin, it is still harder for them to get ahead in the office. Lisa talks with Jean about the difficulty for women to succeed in corporate America and what they can do to break through the barrier.

Lisa has spent years looking at scientific surveys that show women are judged more harshly than men in the workplace. "Women can't win," Lisa says. "At the moment we are in a very difficult place for women where everything seems to be wrong."

Lisa says she is still hopeful that things can change in the future and that women need to take the right approach in the workplace. "I think you do have to have tough skin," Lisa says. "On the other hand, you cannot spend all of your time consulting some playbook that doesn't exist and that changes all the time."

She says that hopefully women can change the view of what leadership looks like by doing their jobs well and trying to figure out their own paths toward success. "It's up to you to ask for the things that matter to you, to make the moves that will put you in the best possible position for success."
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